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“Howard Yegendorf & Associates is an Ottawa based injury law firm whose lawyers have successfully represented victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and other life-altering tragedies since 1999.”

  • Lynn F

    “Never having been through anything like this before, I was concerned about what was involved. I really found Howard Yegendorf & Associates went the extra mile and showed great compassion. They even met with me on a Saturday.”

  • Jeannette K

    “The service went way beyond just handling a legal case. Howard Yegendorf & Associates went out of their way to understand how I was feeling and to treat me like a member of the family.”

  • Frank Hutchingame

    “Howard and his team deliver 110 percent. What I have consistently found to be truly extraordinary is the level of caring, personal concern and just plain “being there” in times of need that Howard consistently delivers.”

  • Lisheng Du

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assisting me to get through this very difficult lawsuit. Without your professional help, we cannot reach this successful result. Although the tragedy of losing my wife brought me to you, I was very pleased to work with you.”

  • Ron Villeneuve

    “A long, difficult and painful process was made much more bearable by the way I was treated throughout. In the end we successfully settled our case, which is what we set out to do, but along the way I was treated with respect, understanding and compassion. In my mind, Howard Yegendorf is the best … a class act.”

  • Paul Bogdonov

    “Howard Yegendorf & Associates gave me more than professional service and results, they gave me reason to hope. Their experience in dealing with insurance companies and their caring treatment made all the difference in the world.”

  • Bonnie M

    “What started as a very negative situation ended as a very positive experience. From the very beginning Howard Yegendorf was thorough, professional, understanding and always willing to take the time to explain to me what was going on.”

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“Howard and Najma protected and helped us during a terrible time in our lives.”

At Howard Yegendorf & Associates, we have nearly 50 years of combined experience with personal injury claims. Our primary focus is on catastrophic injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries and wrongful deaths, but we will guide and represent you during any personal injury case.

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rath khan
rath khan
20:04 28 Jul 19
Receptionist She is always in bad mood. I did observe her a lot. If you are happen to be other ethnicity than caucasian , she will racially profile you. She doesn't have simple courtesy . Also one of the lawyer I dealt with not professional at all and rest of the lawyers I don't know much about them. At this place, you don't feel like they care about your situation much.
Jonny Hare
Jonny Hare
09:00 05 Mar 19
In 2014 I was involved in a car accident on HWY 417 near Ottawa. It involved myself and two other vehicles being rear ended. I was the middle vehicle and ended up being transported by ambulance to Queensway hospital. My injuries were misdiagnosed at the time of the accident and I was referred to Howard Yegendorf. I met with Mr. Yegendorf and he showed me overwhelming concern and care for my situation, injuries and surgery. He explained how he could file liens for surgery and physical therapy to resolve my health issues sooner rather then later. He then fought 100% with the auto insurance company completely looking out for my best interest.I cannot put into words how tremendously grateful l am for everything that Howard Yegendorf has done for me and my family!
Carol Dunlop
Carol Dunlop
02:09 04 Mar 19
2 years ago I was hit by a car on Hunt Club and Riverside intersection in Ottawa, the lady behind the wheel was not looking at me at all even though I had white sign for crossing. She stopped before the traffic light, I stepped on the crosswalk and she just turned right while looking to the left. She bumped me with her car and my foot got stuck under rear passenger wheel. Then she apparently panicked and went backwards rolling over my foot one more time. Later at emergency they diagnosed me with multiple bone fractures, I had to go through 2 complicated surgeries and over a year of rehab before I could use my foot again. And it still hurts when I run, jump, stand for too long or stress it somehow else.Engaging Howard Yegendorf and his team shortly thereafter was one of my best decisions ever. His knowledge, and confidence told me I was working with the best professionals I could have found. Howard guidance was invaluable. He listened and helped me throughout the case. We were both patient and that patience produced positive results.He helped me to deal with insurance company, guided me through LTD insurance and closed my case for really good amount of compensation.
Rony Podolsky
Rony Podolsky
13:34 19 Jan 18
Mr. Yegendorf is very different than the stereotypical lawyer. He is sympathetic to his clients and eager to help. Probably one of the most ethical, professional and experienced lawyers out there. Highly recommended!
Natalia Bradu
Natalia Bradu
15:46 17 May 17
I can not express my warmest wishes to Howard Yagendorf and his amazing team. I had a great experience working with them and I'm so thankful to his expertise and help in my difficult situation. He guided me and my family through the process and helped us to get the outcome we've never hope about. Great people, great team and overall experience was easy and worry free. Thank you so much.
Brian Mandelker
Brian Mandelker
15:41 21 Apr 17
Howard is an excellent, meticulous lawyer. Perhaps even more important though, is that he is a compassionate human being. A very good listener and an even better questioner!
Michael Dagenais
Michael Dagenais
16:42 14 Mar 17
I have known Howard for nearly 20 years. During that time he not only helped me with sound, expert advice pertaining to a "Ponzi scheme" that devastated my family, he has helped countless others. He is dedicated to the law and a true expert in his field. I know first hand that he has changed the destiny of many of his clients , allowing them to move forward with dignity after suffering catastrophic events. He cares deeply , has dogged determination, vast experience and his team of lawyers and support staff are second to none. I would highly recommend Howard and his team.
Stephen McGill
Stephen McGill
14:22 16 Feb 17
I've known Howard Yegendorf for well over a decade and consider him to be one of the most capable, professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy people I've met in my business career. His attention, compassion and skills were reinforced to me when he helped a very close family member with a potentially serious legal situation. Without hesitation I will continue to recommend Howard and his firm to anyone who wants exceptional legal representation.
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